Garden 2012

Yesterday, my hubby and I spent a good part of the day working in our yard and extending our front garden. The whole process was all fairly simple. We bought black fabric weed barrier, ground pins, tons of mulch, and a few marigolds. First, my hubby flattened the area we chose to extend. Second, we laid the weed barrier down and then pinned it in place. Third, I cut holes in the weed barrier, dug out dirt, and placed the marigolds in their perspective holes. Fourth, we spread mulch evenly over the weed barrier and around the flowers. Lastly, I replaced and rearranged the garden decor.








I purchased a few pots (ornamental grass, pink foliage, and colorful fuzzy looking plants) that I intend on adding to this garden eventually. I haven’t decided exactly where I would like to see them, yet.





My Growing Garden

I can’t help but smile as I compare the pictures.

The first, was Memorial Day weekend not long after being planted. The second and third,  I took Wednesday, July 25th. It’s wonderful to see how plants grow in a short amount of time.

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