With the recent winds and hard rain storms my gladioli have taken a beating. I guess from being whipped around, some stalks are sagging towards the ground. While tying up the stalks so they stood upright again, I noticed the lower blossoms of each stalk were bruised, broken, and some completely withered. Time to deadhead or pinch/snip off spent flowers. This is important because leaving the dead flowers can starve new blooms of necessary nutrients. After deadheading each stalk, I took another look at the gardens. Two stalks just didn’t want to stop sagging, even after I tied them up. So I got my garden scissors, cut the two stalks where they start emerging from the foliage, and brought them inside. Pick tall vases, trim the stalks down so they sit pretty in the vase, and add water. Now I can enjoy all the hard work put into my gardens, with fresh-cut flowers in my home.

20120807-122501.jpg 20120807-122614.jpg 20120807-122636.jpg

Here you can see the bruised edges.

20120807-122723.jpg 20120807-122738.jpg

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