Cheap flea market finds

Wednesdays in our area vendors set up shop in a gigantic parking lot, we call the auction. It is basically a flea market. Cute handmade crafts, wooden decor, knickknacks, cell phone accessories, toys, dog clothing, leashes, all sorts of things and I can’t forget the yummy food and fruit stands.
My son wasn’t thrilled when I explained where we were headed though his spirits perked up at the first stand. He found Pokemon! Hmm, Mom maybe this place isn’t so bad.
The next stand we picked up three replacement cords for our iPhone chargers. A few stands later my son picked up a pair of sunglasses, his favorite color of course. My husband fell victim to the sweet aroma near the candy and chocolate booths. He walked out with a giant bag of sour patch kids watermelon slices and a childish grin upon his face. They were happy, now mom’s turn.
There are two shabby structures on the lot. The original building located in the center has two uneven pathways separated and surrounded by shoppes and vendors, with absolutely no air movement. In one of the wooden furniture shoppes I discovered a used section. Shelving filled with blasts from the past and all sorts of unusual items lined the walls. Bookcases filled in the same manner were placed in the center to create tiny aisles. In one of these aisles I found two matching white vases, a buck a piece! The next aisle I found a red vase, a sister to one currently displayed in my living room, same color and shape. It’s just a little smaller and $3.00, it’s perfect! The second building located at the end of the lot was added a few years ago, this one has air conditioning. This is where I found a wonderful fabric and lace shoppe I had never seen before. The man was well informed and willing to answer any questions I had. In fact, next week he should have Pokemon fabric for me. My son will so be happy!
For $30 we had a wonderful family outing.




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